24’ round pool filled and now on section of the wall is leaning in.


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Jul 3, 2020
Hello all, I just completed a new pool install. It has been a major pain in the rear. To start our entire yard is a hill. I know everyone says that you can’t raise the low side, but we did. We took the high side down and brought the low side up. We used crushed rock and road rock. It was tamped nonstop the entire time. Keep in mind this was not your average weekend project. The whole process was supervised by a professional excavation contractor friend of mine. It took so long that when I started the setup of the pool I was in a hurry. Needless to say I made mistakes. I did not level the sand inside the pool enough and I had to drain it, take the liner out and move some sand around again. In an attempt to get a little more depth I left one side about 2” lower inside the pool. All was fine until the pool was completely filled. Now I notice one section is leaning in about 1/2”. Looking for advice now. Do I drain it again and just add more sand so that the liner isn’t pulling on the wall so much? Or is it good to go and the liner will stretch as it warms up?