total alkalinity

  1. TBK

    Total alkalinity test question

    I have a question regarding the total alkalinity test in the TFTestkit. At the R-0009 one drop at a time (continue until color changes to red). Is that until it stays red or when it first changes to red, when using the Taylor speedstir, it turns red around 12 drops but then changes back to...
  2. NE Surfer

    High TA but pH is Good

    Hi - overall the first season with the permanent AGP has been great, thanks to the advice from TFP! My TA numbers have consistently been 100 to 110. My pH has been fine at 7.8. Should I bring the TA down even though my pH is in range? I understand I can lower the TA and then aerate to raise...
  3. P

    High dry acid usage

    Hi Pool experts :): I have a quartzite surface pool (25K gallon). I am keeping my Alkalinity between 60-80. The problem I have is that I feel like I am adding a lot of dry acid every month to the pool. I actually finish 50 lb of dry acid every month. I am not sure if this is too much, or this...
  4. jorgelsaltos

    Can't bring down pH and TA

    Hello all, I am using 10% liquid chlorine for sanitation and I add it every week and since my pH (7.8) and TA (125) is higher than I would like I also add 14.5% muriatic acid to bring those down. I thought that I would only had to add acid once and when my pH and TA levels were to a desirable...
  5. E

    Recommended TA levels for saltwater pool

    I was wondering what the recommended level was for total alkalinity for a saltwater pool. My level has increased from about 80 to 110 in the last month or so. I have heard that higher levels of TA can cause PH to rise more quickly.
  6. E

    Adapter between return outlet and DIY aerator?

    Hello all, I'm looking to build a DIY aerator like this, but how do I find the adapter to connect the plastic piping to the return outlet please? Many thanks for your time!