Filling a 9’ round dough boy from my hose and TA is 250?


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Aug 31, 2021
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Doing a fresh fill of my pool and testing the water while it’s filling to see where I’m at. So, I’m basically testing the hose water. Most levels are about where I’d expect, but my total alkalinity tested at 250 ppm. I saw some comments on here about TA not mattering and not try to adjust it but the pool math app and the recommended levels on the site say I should be bringing it down to 50 to 90. Is that right? Is it surprising that my hose water has that much alkalinity? I do have a water softener system, although I’m honestly not sure if the hose Spicket is before or after the water softener. Here’s a link to my pool numbers: PoolMath Logs

BTW, I used a DPD test for Corine since I didn’t expect any anyhow. For the rest of the tests, I used my Taylor K-2006 test kit.


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Add chlorine - 3 ppm FC worth, and start your 30 ppm of CYA dissolving. Then follow the FC/CYA Chart
I would test the TA again in a day or two. That number seems high for most California water. With a vinyl liner ABG pool, the TA and CH are not a big issue unless you get very far into the scaling territory. Just manage the pH in the 7's.
I suggest you read ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry.
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