Polaris 380 wheels not turning

Raphaela S.

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Jun 26, 2020
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Hello, I wonder if some has any ideas as to what can be wrong with my Polaris 380. The wheels are not turning at all. They only turn manually. Polaris just went thru a rebuilt, new belts, wheels, all new gears, all ball bearings are new as well as a new back up valve and tail. It was working wonderfully for a couple of weeks. Now it just sits there as it wheeps it’s tail. There’s a lot of pressure from the thrust jet and tail. However, the 3 jets that shoot up the bag shoot water up, but I want to say I have seen it be stronger. Checked for debris in jets and cleaned all jets with a needle and air compressor. Water falls freely thru all jets including the one that pushes the wheel while being tested outside the pool, so I do not think there are any obstructions. What could it be? The zip ties seems to all be in place. Have been checked twice. O ring is also new. Any ideas?? I am stumped and disappointed this rebuilt kit was good for a whole two weeks and now nothing.


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Jul 21, 2013
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While you do not think there are any obstructions something is not correct in your 380. The 380 is powered by a simple system of a water jet pressing on a paddle wheel to move the wheels. You need to look at it again to find what is wrong, not all that is right.

Wheels not turning are due to:

  • Lack of water pressure from the feed hose
  • Blockage of water flow from the feed hose through the water management system (part 28) to the paddle wheel
  • Too high friction in the bearings or binding of the drive train

The water power does not have much torque so the drive train and wheels need to be proper aligned and turn with low friction.

Have you replaced part 28 the Water Management System?

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