DYI Polaris tail scrubbers


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Jul 24, 2007
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This spring I drained my pebble sheen pool, pressure and acid washed it. I lost quite a few pebbles in the process and the surface is quite a bit rougher now. I recall way back when the built the pool that the pebble guys used a diamond grinders to take the edge off the pebbles, but I forgot about that step before refilling the pool. The pool looks better than ever, all the grime gone, but the downside is the lifespan of my Polaris tail scrubbers is fairly poor. Probably in the area of 2-3 / month.

I had gutter foam from Home Depot lying around (used it for something else) and it looks the same as the tail scrubber but a bit more coarse. It then hit me to turn it into a larger tail scrubber. It fits and the Polaris seems to drag it around okay, it just doesn't whip as vigorously as before, and I'll need a few weeks to see how long it lasts.IMG_20190722_183552.jpg
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Jul 21, 2013
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Interesting hack. Let us know know it lasts.
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