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  1. N

    Solar Pool Heater

    Hi Pool People! New member and pool owner here. I have an in ground pool that came with a solar pool heater. I had a pool guy turn it on for me but he ended up being kind of unreliable so I ended up discontinuing his services and decided to do the pool myself using this forum. So far all of...
  2. IamNivek

    Steel wall damaged during backfill

    Hello, My landscaper was backfilling around the pool walls, specifically the open holes around the light niches (they were left open for inspection) and apparently got too close to the wall with his skid steer which forced the dirt to pack down and severely bent / bowed in the steel wall. See...
  3. N

    Turn cell 940 and t-15 setting

    Hi All, Major newbie- first year with an in ground. Lot’s of learning going on. I took my water for testing yesterday and was told the chlorine level was at zero. Anyways, I looked at the aqua rite board and saw the T cell was set to t-15. Does my Turbo Cell 940 have to be set as t-9?
  4. A

    Indentation/Depression under liner

    Hi Everyone! I am a first time pool owner and this is my first post on this forum, I've read some very informative posts here and I look forward to being a part of this community and learning from you all. I recently purchased a home (built in 2011) in NJ which has an in-ground liner pool, we...
  5. T

    Pool is empty and under major reno... time to install a hydrostatic valve and/or replace main drain?

    Longtime lurker on these forums and blocks, I registered my TFP account today just so I could post this. Quick details: -Approx. 28k gallon inground concrete and plaster pool, probably build in the early/mid 70's. -Live in Puyallup, WA with our pool sitting about 1000-1500 feet away from the...
  6. 01609B5F-34D6-4BAE-BFF8-84535B28543B.jpeg


    How would you make this patch job better? It’s been there for years needs to be sealed it’s leaking I believe.
  7. SorryImaNewb123

    Solar pool cover & reel advice for in-ground pool

    I want to purchase a solar pool cover & reel and had a couple of questions for advice. 1- Blue, Clear, or doesn't matter? 2- I have a 20x40 rectangle shaped pool with ladder (each extend about 1 ft width into pool) on both sides on the 40' sides. Would an 18x40 be a good solar pool cover size...
  8. R

    Max temperature for vinyl liner?

    Has anyone heard of a temperature rating for vinyl liners? I have an inground vinyl liner pool and my pool supplies store owner (also was the builder) insists that I need to keep my temps in the mid-80s or lower to keep from ruining the liner. I'm having a hard time finding anything online to...
  9. L

    Diving board issues

    My swimming pool was built in the 1970s old but in great shape. The diving board is the issue it’s an old fiberglass one the box is fiberglass and it’s cracked. It has 4 studs. I want a diving board that works. Is there anyway it’s still made or if I could one that’s compatible or aftermarket?
  10. K

    THAT person with another liner and stair question...

    Seriously struggling on the liner/stair combination for our 20x40 mountain pound.... We are NOT doing vinyl over stairs so I want something that blends as seamlessly as possible with the Latham Gray or Blue Granite sit & step. I did see someone else asking a very similar question and he/she...
  11. J

    Lighting question - rainbow light

    Have a 20’year old single rainbow light that has a spinning wheel with various colors and a reflective light bulb the holder for the light is no good. My question is what are options to replace this light have a second light in the pool on then other side that is a straight light but was curious...
  12. N

    First time pool owner, should I drain due to high CYA?

    I bought this house with a pool a year ago (Tucson, AZ) and I'm completely over my head in maintaining it. I bought a Taylor Test Kit (had seen it recommended on here) and noticed my CYA is way high. Last time I checked, it was over 100. Should I do a partial drain to get it back to where it...