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    Minimum Water Level in an AGP

    Yea a foot is not bad you should be fine.
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    Minimum Water Level in an AGP

    I cant tell from the picture - is it partially buried? I would be more worried if so, as the dirt would be working against you. If not, what you have should be plenty of water. No need to run the pump or add more water - you are going to have to pump all of that water out anyway when the new...
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    That's what it looks like to me as well, since i can actually push on the wall and pull on the upright to "peek" in there. It seems like there is not much force on the upright. Here are a few shots (pulled the top cap off).
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    Hi Guys - Continuing with my never-ending hobby of pool improvements :). Today's project: Bonding Back-story: 27' AGP, installed by the previous homeowner (guessing about 11 or 12 years ago). I noticed no wire connected to the bonding lug on the pump, or any tool to bond to the water, so I...
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    Return to pool hose keeps falling off - Same with a new hose - PLlease advise?

    Yea, sounds like a clamp is needed but a picture will go a long way
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    Water splashing out of pool skimmer When people are playing

    My pool had the same issue. When we bought the house (pool was installed by previous owner), there had been so much wash out below the skimmer that the liner was actually almost going under the rail. Maybe not that far, but it was at least a good 3" divot inside the pool where the dirt outside...
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    Partial bury or retaining wall WWYD?

    You definitely want to use rock with the perforated pipe, but I would not wrap the pipe with the fabric. What you want is to keep the dirt out of the pipe and the rocks, so think of the fabric as the "dirt barrier". The same clay that will plug the pipe will also plug the rock in the same...
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    Partial bury or retaining wall WWYD?

    My pool is partially buried (was installed by previous homeowner) and, if I had it to do over, I would not do the same. If and when you change the liner the dirt will push in on the wall some and if the wall pulls away slightly from the packed backfill dirt, rocks or the wall itself will crumble...
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    Need help with acid addition

    Adding 45 oz of 15.7% will lower the pH by .4. I would add about 36 oz, let it run for ~30min then re-check and add more if needed. Edit to say: I only plugged the acid numbers in to check the change - did not look at the rest of your levels
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    New Pool/Worried about Crayfish

    What do they appear like? is it a "bump" (like they are pushing their mound up under the liner) or is it a divot (like they are digging up to the liner, then "giving up" when they cant dig through)?
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    Lowering Ph using Muratic Acid

    PoolMath will give you the info - look at the bottom "Effects of adding chemicals" and change the drop-down to the acid you are using. Make sure you have the correct gallons set at the top. I plugged in 12k gallons and it shows adding 20oz of 31.45% to drop it .4 (40 oz of 15.7%) Edit to add...
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    Above Ground Pool Retaining Wall

    Got a picture of it?
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    Brown "dust" accumulates on floor of pool

    I agree - sand lasts longer than we will be around (unless you ask the pool store). Sounds like dust and/or pollen to me, but definitely do an OCLT to be sure. I get it regularly in Tennessee - mainly starting in June through July. I have to vacuum about every 3 days or so to keep up with it. I...
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    Pump basket almost never fills

    Are you getting a vortex in the skimmer? How high is the water level?