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    Pool Eating Chlorine

    Sorry to be curt, but I see that you joined 3 years ago, but it doesn't seem like you have been paying attention. You need to SLAM (Shock Level And Maintain) your pool. To perform a proper SLAM you need to know your CYA level. DO NOT TRUST POOL STORE CYA TESTS. According to your Taylor kit you...
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    Preventing pool cleaner hose tangles

    My Polaris 280 hose would frequently get tangled because the cleaner would mostly circle the pool in the same direction. This would cause the coils to build up near the outlet and eventually it would be stuck. My solution was to run a length of cord from the hose near the middle of the pool out...
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    BulbWizards PoolBright 202 LED Color Changing Replacement Bulb Review :: Recommended

    I thought it would be worthwhile to post a follow up review. I haven't seen any chatter regarding this bulb, which surprises me since we TFP-ers pride ourselves on finding the bargain pool supplies. I am now past the three year mark and it still works perfectly; even after the fixture flooded...
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    DIY Solar Cover Tow Harness

    I was looking for a solution that would allow me to easily put on a solar cover without the help of another person. There was hardly anything available and what I could find was outrageously expensive, so I came up with this DIY solution: PVC pipe slightly longer than the width of the cover...
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    Do you leave your solar cover/blanket off when air or pool water hits a certain temp?

    Once the water gets too warm I will leave it off at night to let it cool down and put it back on in the morning to keep the sun off my precious FC. As an aside, I built a tow harness out of PVC so it is easy to put it back on with only one person. Now I can take it off in 15 seconds and put it...
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    just reeived my hair-nets for skimmers

    You made me curious about how many I use so I just looked up my amazon order: 100 pack on September 5, 2014 for $6.95. I am sure I still have about 60% left.
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    just reeived my hair-nets for skimmers

    I leave mine in for up to a week if there isn't a lot of debris. You will find that they will clog with fine debris over time, even if they aren't filling up with leaves. I only reuse one very rarely.
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    Rain diluting my CYA

    You can use the "Effects of adding chemicals" section of Pool Math to calculate stuff like this. An 8oz puck of trichlor will raise CYA by 4.2 in an 8000 gallon pool. It will also lower pH so be aware of that.
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    Troubles getting water balanced & salt reading wrong

    Your CH is low for plaster. You should be up around 350 to avoid damaging the plaster. Not sure what you mean by 'CA'. If it is 'CYA' then you are low for SWG. You should target 70-80. What is your TA? With SWG your pH will tend to rise so most of us try to keep it on the low side. Based on...
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    In the Swim solar cover warranty experience

    Bubbles down. Smooth side up.
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    Fast Dissolving CYA from eBay

    I recently purchased "Fast Dissolving Swimming Pool Stabilizer - Conditioner - Cyanuric Acid" from sinaindustries2016 on eBay (10 lbs for $26 delivered). It was a very fine powder reminiscent of powdered boric acid (over which I prefer the granular). There were some clumps in the bag, which I...
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    In the Swim solar cover warranty experience

    I figured I would follow up on this. It is crazy that they claim 7 year warranty since I never make it much past a year. My covers always fail in the same way; the top of the bubbles exposed to the California sun become brittle and crack. This allows water to get into the little depression and...
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    Cheap Calcium with free shipping from Staples

    You are correct. I wound up getting this real deal Calcium Chloride from Wally World with free ship to store:
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    Good source for Boric Acid in Sacramento (or elsewhere)

    I have previously purchased boric acid from Duda Deisel as well as a few other eBay sellers for around $2 per pound delivered. I just discovered that eBay seller, prosupplyoutlet, has 25 lbs for $30.33 with local pickup in Rancho Cordova ($46.88 delivered). Super nice and professional outfit...
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    TFP opinions of Huntsville AL

    My company offered me a position in Huntsville. I will be taking an exploratory trip in a month or so, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to solicit the opinions of my TFP brethren and sistren. Any TFP'ers live in the area? How do you like the location, culture, weather, food, etc. What...