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    New Pentair Heater Broken - Rattling Sound, Trying to Diagnose

    Our brand new Pentair heater is broken. We're trying to figure out what could be causing it and if it's a quick fix or we'll need to make a warranty call. We are hoping it is a quick fix, since we're sharing the pool with several other families (with a google calendar so there is no overlap)...
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    Unusual issue with Pebbletec finish

    Ok, that makes total sense to us. Thank you so much!
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    Unusual issue with Pebbletec finish

    The PB agreed to a full chip out of the finish and a reinstall. The finish installer came yesterday and hydroblasted the surface. It does not look like they removed all of the pebble as they agreed to do (?). We're open to changes in the process from what we agreed on, if they make sense, but we...
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    Unusual issue with Pebbletec finish

    Oof, I was hoping that wasn't the case. We do like them as people, which is why we've been so patient. But I'm at a loss here as to what they're thinking. It's not logical to risk one's reputation in a small town like ours over what is fairly small potatoes to fix in the grand scheme. Think...
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    Unusual issue with Pebbletec finish

    We're getting hurt most times in the pool unless we wear flippers. It's kind of like Russian roulette depending on where you put your feet and hands.
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    Unusual issue with Pebbletec finish

    Hi, Another quick question - we got a sample of pebblesheen and are wondering (in addition to all of the deep pits throughout the pool) about the variability across all of the finish. For example, the difference between the top and bottom of this picture (it's this way all over the pool). We...
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    Unusual issue with Pebbletec finish

    Also, I meant to say -- the divots are all over the pool, particularly bad in the shallow end. I measured them with a pit gage and they're up to nearly 1/4", where you can stick your pinky in them. The overetched surfaces in the pictures are actually the 'better' parts of the pool -- there are...
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    Unusual issue with Pebbletec finish

    We think overetched too; these images are representative of the whole surface. It's been this way from day 1; we have a very good pool company taking care of the water chemistry which has been carefully monitored, so it seems pretty clear that this was a terribly botched installation.
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    Unusual issue with Pebbletec finish

    This is so amazing. We have been very stressed by this whole process, which has been a long process of the pool finisher yanking-us-around and not doing the right thing. We'll go forward with your advice and if it's okay, check back in if needed for more guidance, since this is all very new to...
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    Unusual issue with Pebbletec finish

    We just had a new pool built and Pebblesheen installed - we were getting hurt in the pool so after a long process, ended up draining it and found numerous (20-30ish) pits up to 5mm (0.2") deep. There are also large rough patches (~4"x2" on average) of stones that are overetched and completely...
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