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    Abandoned Pool - Suggestions Please

    Actually, I believe that Suncast products are made in USA. Keter products are the ones made in Israel. At least that is true for the storage sheds I have for those two brands. One thing I will say about Suncast is that their customer service is excellent. I moved an 8x8 storage shed from one...
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    Testing pH with high FC?

    Why not use a pH meter as someone mentioned earlier? Mine works well and as long as I wait for the numbers to stabilize, gives me consistent readings.
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    Drop and swirl, or drop drop drop drop drop and swirl

    It seems like what you are doing would be fine. Consider saving up for the SpeedStir, though. It's definitely the way to go--as others have already said.
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    Wiring a pump and salt chlorine generator into a WiFi timer

    Can you take a picture of the current wiring on the inside of your WiOn box?
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    Facts and opinions please. Salt vs Chlorine?

    Kids are perfect salt mixing tools. I first added salt when they were in the pool and they freaked out until I told them it was okay. The next thing I knew they wanted me to add more. They liked the feel of the salt on their feet and said that it felt cool. Endothermic reaction of the salt...
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    Buying older home and want to upgrade pool controls including SWG

    I'm not a chemist, but you need sodium chloride (NaCl) in the proper concentration for the SWCG to work. The system uses the sodium and the chlorine in the salt to essentially create sodium hypochlorite, NaOCl (aka bleach). The chemical formula doesn't work with potassium chloride (KCl). The...
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    Should I add a SWG??

    No harm in adding salt up to the middle or so of the range that your SWCG needs. Don't add the calculated amount all at once. Inch up on it for a few days to make sure you don't overdo it with the salt. I ended needing two fewer bags than I calculated, for some reason. Probably had to do...
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    Improving accuracy and repeatability in FAS-DPD tests

    I definitely agree on the SpeedStir--it makes testing fun, sort of. On the SampleSizer, though, I have resisted buying one because I can't bring myself to spend $22 on a piece of aluminum. After a bit of research on how to use it, I realized it also forces you to use the specific Taylor...
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    PVC repair help needed

    ...and a piece of masking tape wrapped around as a guide to make sure you are cutting straight. A power miter saw or band saw is handy for cutting the new pieces to length if you have one.
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    Sand filter let's silt through? Alternative media?

    I'm using Fiber Clear cellulose filter media instead of DE in my sand filter. It's biodegradable and non-carcinogenic (or so they say). You add enough for your filter pressure to go up by about 1psi from freshly backwashed. I've been using it since I SLAM'd, so I don't know if it's what...
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    Let's play.. what is in this filter basket??.

    I also see a dragonfly, oak leaves and pine needles
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    Normal sand filter differential?

    I've been using Fiber Clear cellulose filter media instead of DE in my sand filter. You can get a 3lb bag for less than $20. Biodegradable and not carcinogenic. Adding either of those may increase your filter pressure slightly. I add about a cup and the pressure goes up by about 1psi.
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    White, gritty, substance?

    Yes. Also strips as well as pool store tests are notoriously inaccurate. You should consider investing in a Taylor K-2006 or Tftestkits TF-100 test kit. The color change is much more obvious than with the typical--what shade of yellow is that?--type of test. You can also get an electronic pH...
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    Normal sand filter differential?

    Yes, a SLAM requires patience, especially when everyone around you thinks you are crazy for putting all that chlorine in the pool.
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    Normal sand filter differential?

    It depends on your flow rate (how fast the pump is running). My filter pressure is 17psi @3000rpm when freshly backwashed. I have determined I need to backwash when it reaches 21psi (~25% increase in pressure). Now that everything is working well with my pool, I should only need to backwash...