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    Is it safe to add 1-2 oz of 12.5% bleach with people in tub in middle of tub and jets on full?

    Well, technically speaking it is "safe" to get 12.5% bleach on your skin. Soaking in it for long periods might be another story, but I've worn it many times over the years. I'm pretty sure I survived.🤪 Whether you will enjoy the experience is another story... This might be what mps is good for...
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    2001/2002 Hot tub filter housing broken

    If I am seeing this correctly,, the filter canister is a suction side filter with a line to the skimmer and another to a main drain in the footwell, then on to the pump with the third. I assume it had some cap or lid on the top of the filter can? There will be a spring check valve inside to...
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    2005 D1 rebuild

    So I haven't received the topside that Hot Tub Outpost said by email that they had in stock. I had my doubts when I ordered it, so am not really surprised. What does surprise me is that they refused to respond to any of my many email inquiries, as if they were avoiding me. It took all of 15...
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    New (Used) Hot Tub Replace Skirt

    I usually do the bottom structure while it is on it's side, then set it down for the skirting. I should mention that the framing provides very little support for the spa, except for the bottom boards of course. Most of the weight falls under the footwell, and the sides are mostly just to hold...
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    2017 HotSpring Limelight Glow Heater Leak

    I would guess that the high sanitizer levels wreaked havoc on your o-rings. The heater is a minor problem compared to the jet gaskets, which would also have been damaged, just not enough to leak yet. Repeated overheat conditions from restricted flow can also do this to a heater. The fact that...
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    New (Used) Hot Tub Replace Skirt

    You can, but it'll be tough not to damage the shell in the process. What brand? Post some pics.
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    Bromine Salt Corrosivity

    Bromine works one way. There are a few methods, but they all do the same thing. Sodium bromide is added to create a "bank" or "reserve" and an oxidizer converts sodium bromide into bromine. The most common oxidizer to use is chlorine, which is the main ingredient in a "bromine" tablet...
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    Inground spa - missing jets? I can't say this is the brand you have. The little hex nut thing is an orifice, where the water enters the jet, and may be adjustable (turn to adjust flow). You will get some water flow, but nothing like the jet...
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    New Hot Tub

    Never knew how handy that would be sitting in trig, right? Flat is more important than level. A spa can take a lot of out-of-level but will be destroyed by too much hill and valley under it.
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    White Stain Removal

    So... plastic... I have no personal experience with it but I have heard that acid can discolor plastic shells. So a weaker mix and less exposure time (so more scrubbing) is the way to go. Use a plastic bristle brush not a kitchen scrubbie.
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    White Stain Removal

    What is the shell material? What brand? What color? For acrylic, a 50/50 mix of muriatic acid added to water. And, of course, time and elbow grease. The more time the less elbow grease. DO NOT USE A SQUIRT BOTTLE. Acid mist is BAD. You can soak a WHITE rag and let it sit for little while on the...
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    Spa Pump "Flo" error, now non-responsive

    Bandaid at best. They are made of a clear plastic that is much more Brittle than the pvc of the other fittings in the spa. So the fittings themselves are prone to cracking at the flange, and the gaskets are not tightened as tight as with others so tend to leak sooner from deterioration. The...
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    Spa Pump "Flo" error, now non-responsive

    You can check power at the board or the plug as well.
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    Spa Pump "Flo" error, now non-responsive

    Check fuses. Post a picture of the circuit board.
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    2005 D1 rebuild

    My wife crochets constantly. She'll be glad you noticed.;)