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    Temperature Higher than settings.

    Your programmable filter cycles run the main pump, which will definitely overheat your spa if running continuously. Set your filter cycles for 2 hrs.
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    Spa Repair Thread - Pump bearing, leak, and new cover. With pics!

    Sorry, I somehow missed this. They are the small knobs on top that mix air with the jets. They extend down 2-3 inches below the shell. Some have pipes that feed them air, and some just draw from the undercabinet. These pipes can go back to the equipment bay or down to the bottom edge of the...
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    Does anyone know what filter a Coast Spa Manhattan uses?

    Do you know the year? Can you post a pic of the filter area and connection, and the diameter of the filter inlet and depth of the filter well. I should be able to figure it out, but I don't know off the top of my head.
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    Spa Repair Thread - Pump bearing, leak, and new cover. With pics!

    No paper towels needed. The dowel rods will show where it's wet without soaking it up so you can better locate the leak(s). You"ll want a handful of 1/4" up to 3/8". A hair dryer makes them re-useable. Depending on the valve design, that may be your leak, too.
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    Spa Repair Thread - Pump bearing, leak, and new cover. With pics!

    Before you go digging, are you familiar with the dowel rod trick? I notice in your pic that the water level is a bit high on the low side and could be flooding the air control, which has a cheesy flap valve that wrinkles up after a few years. Could it be that? Drains are another common leak...
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    Sundance 880 Alta mar help - FLO Error

    Flo means the switch reads open when it should read closed, flo2 is the opposite. Without being there, I would guess flow switch.
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    Can somebody pls help me understand how this circuit works and figure out a workaround?

    I would not recommend rerouting any circuits on the board as you may bypass safety features. Control voltage enters the relay board at the connection on the upper right of the relay board. Check that connection for corrosion or debris.
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    Red skin

    The only unstabilized granules that I know of is calcium hypochlorite, which I would not recommend in your spa. Or pretty much anywhere else either. Spa shock is dichlor, or non-chlorine mps.
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    In ground spa cover replacement

    Pretty much. And a heavy cover is the result of trapped chemical fumes breaking down the moisture barrier, not weather. Additional moisture barrier and denser foam options on your new cover is worth the extra cost. Vinyl should be treated with 303 aerospace protectant to prolong life.
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    Balboa board repair or replace?

    Good eye, @CuckooChris . I didn't even notice that. With the double fuse holder on the right, it might be factory. Those old 6-finger boards were used in alot of spas, and tweaked as needed for each manufacturer. For a good decade or more it was the only circuit board balboa made. It looks like...
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    Spa Newbie here: Refilled spa for spring and now pump/jets won't turn on

    A loud buzzing for a few seconds ending in a click is a bad capacitor or locked rotor. Given that it has been sitting, I would guess bearings. If you can turn the motor shaft by hand a bit it may start working. You can remove the rear motor cover to access the motor shaft, which should have a...
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    Hot tub heater question

    Post a pic of the heater. Did you get a complete assembly or the element only? Does the breaker trip immediately or run for a while first? What was the old heater doing that you determined it was bad? Do you have a multimeter?
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    Balboa board repair or replace?

    Exactly. You will still need to solder in the coil terminals, but that heater circuit is in-and-out on the power.
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    Balboa board repair or replace?

    That is the heater circuit, and it was likely a worn relay or loose screw terminal. With the foil burned I wouldn't bother trying a rebuild, nor would I replace just that old board even if I could find it. Balboa has come a long way since then, and a retrofit control system complete with new...
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    In ground spa cover replacement

    That depends on your budget. Your regular old spa cover is the best bang for your buck, but you can get covers that could double as dance floors if you want to spend a few $k.