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    Omnilogic Colorlogic UCL in omnidirect mode

    Whenever I make any of those changes the light turns off and then back on to the new setting.
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    Hayward Universal ColorLogic Problem

    I went with kind, but made a couple of adjustments after a few failures of units within a year each. My own failed it seemed due to heat and not water ingress. My transformer tap was set to 14v which is what Hayward recommends, but I dropped the tap to 13v so that the LED’s components don’t run...
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    Hayward Universal ColorLogic Problem

    Yup. Sounds like it’s a failed unit. My failures have been similar. Sometimes they would stay on, but just with a specifics color working while others do not. Sometimes they turn on and off. I haven’t tried a warranty claim though.
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    Hayward OmniHub Automation

    There are a couple things that you can check: 1) Is there a schedule set in the app for the heater? 2) Is the main pump a variable speed pump that is on a schedule to be at low RPM during the night?
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    Hayward Automation Question - How to interlock and schedule my heater/salt chlorinator

    I don’t know if the chlorinator can be interlocked, but you can check in the interlock settings. Also, I am not sure how your plumbing is set up, but can you increase the speed of the vs pump so that more water goes through the spillover thus increasing the circulation? Do you have the cell...
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    Hayward Omnilogic programming for a multi valve feature question

    Programming the valve states and pump speed would be best achieved by using themes. So for example, with scenario 1. From the Omnilogic app, set the closet valve to on and the valve in the back to off. Set your pump to the speed that you would like to for this scenario. Once all of the equipment...
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    Hayward Automation Question - How to interlock and schedule my heater/salt chlorinator

    I am not sure about the chlorinator, but the heater can be tied to a mode by configuring equipment to mode in the interlock settings. I imagine that the chlorinator can be tied to this too, but I don’t use a different bodies of water in my pool so cannot check. When you say your chlorinator is...
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    Hayward Laminar Jet not creating clean stream

    I am not sure if the Pentair uses the same design. The issue with Hayward is there are screens that need to be equally spaced on notches. They can shift if the laminar is started to abruptly the first time it is filling which is what causes the issue. If the Pentair laminar can be opened, check...
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    Hayward Laminar Jet not creating clean stream

    It can take a lot to unscrew it the first time. Remove the laminar can from the housing, remove the light and hoses. If I remember correctly, I wedged the laminar between my feet and used my hands to grip the cap and turn. It took a bit of effort.
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    Hayward Heat Pro (HP21104T) - Busted PVC Elbow Sensor Holder

    Try searching for a thermowell elbow. It look like one.
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    Hayward Laminar Jet not creating clean stream

    Great news! Enjoy the pool!
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    Hayward Laminar Jet not creating clean stream

    I had a similar problem when my own were first installed. It also affected the lighting of the laminar. What I eventually figured out is that the mesh screens in the laminar had shifted. I assume that this happened on the first startup as they were not slowly filled. The laminar canister can be...
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    Umbrella sleeve froze and broke in concrete pool deck (pics attached)

    That is the color match umbrella sleeve if I am not mistaken. If it is, don’t worry. It is made to come apart like that in case you want to change the color of the cap and top sleeve to match your plaster or tile. The actual holder has a shoulder up to the plaster or tile and is cast in one...
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    Lighted sheer descent examples?

    I have a 4Ft sheer on a convex wall. Just below it is an in pool seat. What I did was put a Hayward 320 color logic light in the seat pointed up at the sheer.