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    Pool Build in Orlando - Looking for input

    I just did an owner-build in Winter Garden, this price looks pretty good for your design with a builder. A couple things you may think about... Get more detail on the filter. With screen enclosure, 200sf will work for you, but make sure they aren't undersizing it. I would personally skip the...
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    New Pool in Orlando

    We got some rain today, that should help! Definitely keep up with it, do you have some zones you can run, or is the main line capped? On my last pool, I destroyed what was a gorgeous zoysa lawn because I didn't prioritize watering. This time I kept things up and running as much as possible, main...
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    We're doing this again! Orlando OB Take 2 -PLASTERED! 6/1

    48", that back wall is 15' long total between the columns.
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    Online Site Plan

    Do you have your survey from when you purchased the home? Most municipalities want a survey level document. To get all of the easements and things, you generally need title work. When you buy a house, the mortgage company requires an ALTA survey. If you have that, you're 90% there, just sketch...
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    We're doing this again! Orlando OB Take 2 -PLASTERED! 6/1

    Definitely get silver and purple, also a bit of green, which wouldn't be something I would have wanted, but it's more like a fish scale green/silver and looks good. (3rd pic shows some of the iridescence, on the spillover, close to the bottom, you can see a little of the green-ish on one of the...
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    We're doing this again! Orlando OB Take 2 -PLASTERED! 6/1

    They didn't show up until about 3 yesterday to do the acid wash, the guy was here until 7, felt bad for him. Started filling the pool while he was working on the spa, then filled the spa and had 1 hose in the pool over night. I have a call this morning, then will run down and put the second hose...
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    We're doing this again! Orlando OB Take 2 -PLASTERED! 6/1

    It's Wet Edge - Prism Matrix, Deep Sea Blue. We swapped somewhere along the way. My wife saw this tile in a photo and we searched long and hard for it before finally finding it.
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    We're doing this again! Orlando OB Take 2 -PLASTERED! 6/1

    The guy this morning was mistaken, definitely an acid wash tomorrow and then start filling. So far so good though, below are some pics of some of my landscaping and the plaster.
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