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    First swim 4/5

    My pool has yet to hit my threshold of 74 degrees. It hit 73 yesterday. My 7-year old daughter jumped in Saturday when it ws 71 degrees. She had fun but said it was a little too chilly yet. I live outside of Fort Worth so it should not be long.
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    Let's talk Bar-B-Que

    Here are some recent pork butts on the Big Green Egg: It is so easy to make.
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    Grilling Steaks --some myths dispelled

    How do those babies look? Seared at approx. 800 degrees for 90-120 seconds on each side. Then taken off and the grill cooled to about 450 degrees. Put back on and turned frequently till reaches desired doneness. Let set for about 5-10 minutes and then time to CHOW!! <a></a>
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    What else do you grill?

    The Miller Chill is very good. I am usually a Coors Light or Corona Light person but it was good. I will buy it again. Went great with the steaks!!
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    Show your pool?

    This was last night as a storm rolled in Another pic of thunderhead Was a fairly wicked storm. We got some hail but luckily it was small. A couple of miles away had baseball size. Very damaging.
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    Let's talk Bar-B-Que

    Yeah, I have a new toy I bought a few weeks ago...The Big Green Egg. It uses lump charcoal and wood. After a few times you really get the hang of controlling the temperature. It can cook low and slow for 24 hours or well over 700 degrees for great steak searing and cooking. I have not done...
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    Let's talk Bar-B-Que

    The day before I cooked the brisket, I rubbed plain mustard over the entire brisket. Then I coated the entire brisket with Dizzy Pig's All-Purpose rub. Put in a container and put sugar and the top-side (sugar gone by morning). Then I cooked indirectly at 225 degrees about 7 hours (only a 5lb...
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    What else do you grill?

    Hopefully the pics posted. A few steaks and some stuffed jalapenos on the Big Green Egg. Mike