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    High 90's and pump is all of a sudden throwing error (Pentair SVRS)

    Well, the good news is after posting and really doing nothing special (I did typically Friday maintenance of cleaning the baskets, checking the impeller), I walked outside to find it running - the pool and the cleaner. The water was a tad low so I had turned on the water to fill it, but I've had...
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    High 90's and pump is all of a sudden throwing error (Pentair SVRS)

    Noticed today the cleaner never came on an the pool isn't circulating. The Pentair app says System Blocked Alarm. On the pump itself, it says clear drain before restarting. Does that mean jumping in with google to see what's going on with the drain? This is the 3rd major item to stop working...
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    Pentair Screenlogic Wifi Router Question

    Not sure if this is the right board, but needing some help. Multipart question Part 1: I recently changed out our home wifi router to a new mesh system. I hadn't accessed the pentair app on my phone since this change until tonight. After using a paperclip on the adapter, the iphone app is now...
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    Pentair Screenlogic question and alert

    Yes, we have a hot tub so 2 pumps. What's interesting is in the desktop app, there are no alerts listed, but navigating to the configuration screens you mentioned, it's clear that things are not connecting. I've posted several pictures below. Also, on the password, I did go in and set a...
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    Pentair Screenlogic question and alert

    Newly single mom of 3 on a crash course of learning how to care for our pool - so thanks for the help!! 1. As long as we've had the pool, my Pentair app only opens when I'm on our house Wi-fi under the Local option. If I select Remote, I enter the appropriate code for username but was told by...
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    Is this light out or is it something else?

    Newly single mom here on a crash course of learning all things pool maintenance related (oh, and no child support so trying to manage costs!).... Our pool is 3 years old - never had to change lights thus far. We have 3 lights - one in the hot tub and two in the pool. One of the pool lights is...
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