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    New liner, new water, help!

    SWG off?
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    Dirty Pool! HELP!

    SLAMming takes consistency and a whole lot of POP (pool owner patience). depending upon how consistently you are measuring FC, has everything to do with how well the SLAM will go. if you really do well for a week, and then lapse for a couple of days, you might as well have thrown all of your...
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    clear well water turned Iced Tea

    put the polyfill in a small laundry netted bag with a zipper...the kind a spouse may use to wash her unmentionables in the washing machine it will keep it out of your plumbing, pump and filter
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    Hey Sue, when you post your test results, follow this path, it helps when everyone is on the same page FC CC ph TA CH CYA as far as your numbers, don't touch the ph...go swimming! splash and play naturally aerate the water, which will ever so slightly raise your ph naturally with a CYA of 40...
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    For those in the SE parts... how long do you run your pumps?

    looking very tough...we didn't even deserve to win that one :bang head:
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    For those in the SE parts... how long do you run your pumps?

    live in SE Louisiana, run it on low 4-6 am, on high for one hour while adding bleach in evening done. crystal clear, no problems
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    First pool drain-High CYA

    any tool rental business will rent a sump pump with hose attachments that will drain a pool in a matter of hours...$50 is a ballpark
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    Still Losing Chlorine

    You have organics somewhere....behind the lights or check the Polaris .... inside the hose?, cleaning bag?, it's somewhere you just need to find it
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    New to TFP with 5 yr old pool

    ^^^^^^^ do exactly as she not pass go, do not collect $200
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    New build in South Louisiana...

    instead of posting a new thread on my test results, I just decided to bump this one...I know Kim will see it eventually :lol: so, after playing with the water chems for 2 weeks now, ive come to the conclusion my CYA is a solid 20 at this number, I'm adding exactly 1/2 gal bleach everyday...
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    Yellow/Green Water lots of resources on this subject...if you need help or advice afterward, pls post, i'll do the best I can
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    First test kit arrives tomorrow - what chemicals do I need to have on hand?

    there's a difference btwn pretty clear and 'gin clear' :kim: I'm sure you've seen the threads....nice thread you have going, enjoyed reading it...good luck!
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    Help!!? Any electricians on the board?

    sorry about him being a jerk, what voltage is the pump? I believe those are 110 pumps and need to be on a GFCI the instructions have electrical requirements? have you tried the AG pool forum, we have some pretty knowledgable folks on here, I'm sure someone will chime in in a minute