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    Pentair pump ?

    I'm looking to get the Dynamo 1hp 2 speed pump or the Optflo 1hp 2 speed pump. Does anyone know if they have a three way switch (off,high,low) ? The only info I can find says on, off switch. This is going on a 15x30x54 deep AGP.
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    1 HP 2speed pump

    I'm looking to get a new 1HP 2 speed pump. Is one brand better than another? I've been looking at Pentair and Haywood pumps.
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    need new pump

    I don't have a fountain or solar heater, the only time I use high speed is when I vacuum the pool.
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    need new pump

    I have a 15x30 AGP, the pump went out. I have a 2 speed 2hp pump with a 120' cartridge filter. Do I need another 2hp 2 speed pump or could I go 1.5hp 2 speed? What do you think I need?
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    New pool in Atlanta

    very nice
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    getting pool...have a few questions?

    I have a pool rover jr and love it .
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    Above Ground Pool Deck

    looks nice
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    Chlorine Tablets ?

    I would like to get some chlorine tablets to have when I go on vacation. Is one brand better than another, or just get any of them ?
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    SeanB and the hurricane

    Hope every thing goes well for you. Glad you and your family are ok.
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    Cover Pump

    I have one of those cover pumps.Works very good.I left mine on the cover all winter, and when ever water was on the cover you just pump the bulb a couple of times and it drains the cover.
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    I've finally done it

    Congratulation, this November will be 17 years for me.
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    First Post

    Welcome to TFP
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    Automatic Vacumm for an AGP?

    I have a Pool Rover and it works fine for me. Never got sand in the pool so i can't say if it will get it up or not.
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    Newbie looking for BEST AG pool cleaner...Help!

    We have the Pool Rover and love it . Had it about two years with no problems.
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    What to soak a cartridge in.

    I use automatic dishwasher detergent.