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    Which LED light how many

    What shape pool? Any pictures?
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    Which LED light how many

    I will be installing a 20x40’ Mountain Loch (like a kidney with an extra pump out) vinyl In-ground pool next spring. Will 1 light be enough, will 2 be too much? Looking at either the 12 volt Pentair or Hayward. Color changing on one transformer. Should I be looking at a different light style...
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    3 (1.5”) pvc pipes going into 1 (2”) pvc pipe

    We are going to be putting in a new pool next spring myself and was going to run flex back to the equipment pad. Not sure on pump, but was thinking Pentair IntelliFlo VS. or one of the Hayward VS pumps. Would like the pump to be able to filter the water easily in 8 hours and then be able to...
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    3 (1.5”) pvc pipes going into 1 (2”) pvc pipe

    If I have 3 drain (2 skimmers, and main drains) lines that are 1-1/2” running to the equipment pad and converted all 3 of them to 2” pipe a few feet before the pool pad (underground) and went into the pump with a 2” will I have issues? 1 foot of 1-1/2” pipe has a volume of .0918 x 3 pipes is...
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    Future Drains, water line, and electric conduit

    I'm in the process of gathering everything I need to do a DIY Inground pool next spring. In one of the area on the concrete deck that we will be pouring I'm wanting to build a bar a few years down the road. I would like to run the following a 1/2" water line, a 1.5" drain line, and a 1/2"...
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    ColorLogic 320 or Universal Colorlogic 12volt

    I'm in the process of putting in a new pool Style is Mountain Loch (see layout attached) 18x36 And I'm not sure on what light option would be best. If I went with the 320's how many would I need? Hayward suggest 9 which I think is way to much, was thinking 3 or 4 Where should I put them...