Outdoor shower - Require drain to sewer line?


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I'm in the process of putting in an outdoor bathroom (before I start my pool build next month) and on the outside of the Pool house/Bathroom I'm going to install a shower head to rinse off. I have the Pool house connected to the sewer line but when the inspector came out. I was told I need a drain hooked to the sewer for the outside shower as well. The problem in my opinion is you don't want rain water openly going into the sewer, and my pool is going to slope towards where the shower is. My plumber doesn't understand this either, and has never had to hook to the sewer line in the past. Has anyone else that has an outdoor shower have to connect to there sewer line?



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Jul 21, 2013
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I think that depends on your local plumbing and sewer codes and even individual inspector interpretation of the codes. Find out what the actual codes say.


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Funny. I just talked to the County sewer company they have a strict ordinance against any type of outside drain hooked directly to the sewer line (mainly because it could collect rain water. So I called the inspector back and he told me I either put in a drain, or I cannot do the shower. He told me there is no such thing as gray water anymore.


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Mar 4, 2015
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When I had my pool built I had PB install a drain where my future shower would go. As far as he new it was to simply drain water off ( it was connected to drain pipe to street). After pool was built the shower head was installed by me and a privacy fence for the shower. To tell you the truth when we use the shower most of the water drains into the yard / flower bed close to it.


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Jul 8, 2015
It looks like you are only two feet from the drain for the toilet and sink... it doesn't look like it would be much effort to put it in. Then Cap it in the winter if you think it will collect too much rain. I bet the Inspector is seeing it as an extension of the bathroom since its adjacent.. hence it needs a drain. Or... leave off the shower, stub for a shower head and retro fit it after the bathroom is installed and inspected.


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Jun 8, 2015
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Do it and simply let the inspector be happy, you can always block it later. One issue you will have is where do you want shower to drain to otherwise?