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    Is there a pool vacuum that's amazing?

    I have the new Polaris robot. Works great! Wish I bought it years ago. Check out the pool cleaners sections. A lot of good choices and most are well worth the $1000 price tag.
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    pebble tec and raw feet

    Common issue. Feet will become adjusted to it. For now think of it as a free pedicure ;)
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    Why not keep FC lower recommended levels?

    Purely for convenience. Go ahead and keep FC at a minimal level. You’ll be adding chlorine a couple times a day. If you keep it higher, you have more time in between dosing.
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    battery pool vacuums

    Tried the pool blaster. It wasn’t that good. Ryobi ads have been popping up on my feed. Their vac Looks good. I would try that.
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    Cloudy Water

    It’s fine. Just make sure it’s not too old since chlorine degrades overtime. Pool store has fresh supply. Not sure how long hardware store stores their stuff. Check the dates on the bottles.
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    Cloudy Water

    Your local pool store will have liquid chlorine.
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    Cloudy Water

    Your pool is cloudy because of algae. You need to do a proper slam. Buy a good test kit and a ton of liquid chlorine. You’ll need to raise your chlorine to slam level until the cloudiness goes away.
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    Pool is cloudy after a tremendous amount of shock

    How many gallons have you added so far?
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    Pool is cloudy after a tremendous amount of shock

    The chlorine smell and the cloudiness are from combined chlorine. Get some liquid chlorine. For reference I had this a couple weeks ago 30k gallon pool. I was out of town so I did a one time slam. I added 12 gallons of chlorine and left the pool running for a couple days. Are you sure the...
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    Help me get my husband a robot!

    Polaris p965iq here. Love it but $1200. Leaves the pool spotless.
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    Need Input on Dolphin Active Robotic Cleaners

    Congrats. Wish I bought my robot years ago. They’re amazing.
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    Polaris P9550 review...

    It was something like $1150 after rebate. It was only a weekend sale. He said there will be another one in June. Very happy with the p965iq. It hooks up to WiFi so I can control it from across the world if I really had to. lol
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    Need Input on Dolphin Active Robotic Cleaners

    I’m not sure why everyone loves Maytronics so much. I demo’d the s200 vs the Polaris p965iq. The Polaris did a much better job. I don’t have any connectivity issues with the Polaris. I went to 3 local pool stores and they all sold both makes of cleaners and the consensus was that Polaris was a...
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    Polaris P9550 review...

    I ended up returning it and picked this one up locally for $1200 at Leslie’s.
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    Jacuzzi brand heater...

    Cool. Thanks. Jacuzzi brand is Leslie’s. Jacuzzi heater = raypak Jacuzzi pump = pentair Jacuzzi filter = pentair Leslie’s rebadged them and adds 2 more years warranty.