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    Intex Closing (pictures)

    The intakes I use the plugs that came with the pool. For the outlet, I left the air intake open and just closed the valve.
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    Intex 1.5" Conversion

    Well, new year and figured it might be time to start collecting parts for the conversion. Found this after looking around for a cleaner conversion. Thoughts??? Waterway | SUCTION ASSEMBLY | HI FLO 90 DEGREE ELL 1 1/2" | 640-3280 ( Eh, NM looks like there is no nut to...
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    Filter, pump, heater for intex

    It is above ground. It is just a metal framed version (not prism or XTR).
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    Filter, pump, heater for intex

    I agree Intex inground = bad. What do you consider to be a long time? Our neighbors Intex is going on year 8 with no issues so far...
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    Sand Filter Sizing

    I do not have any experience with cartridge filter systems, as we always had a media filtration system. I would suspect that, if flow is good, maybe just visually check the filter for the amount of debris in it and find a happy medium where your not cleaning it bi-weekly. The amount of debris...
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    Sand Filter Sizing

    I looked your filter up and think this is what you have: From what I can see you have 2 hoses. 1 inlet, 1 outlet. This...
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    question about self draining pool cover

    Sand media needs to be changed out roughly every 4-6 years depending on the water and the debris going through the filter. We never used sand and used glass media from the onset. Other alternatives that might be viable and have found articles on are: ZeoSand, Polyballs, and even Polyester Fiber
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    Sand Filter Sizing

    I think there is some confusion as to what the pieces are to a filtration system... In short, you have 3 filtrations system available to you. 1. Filter 2. Sand 3. DE All 3 will require a pump that run off an electrical outlet that MUST be GCFI protected. As for an on/off switch, the pump...
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    Winterizing 18’ Intex Metal Frame Pool Set (Newbie)

    I agree with Woodstock1234 See my post here on what I did: Intex Closing (pictures)
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    Sand Filter Sizing

    We purchased out Intex this year. Knowing this was our first pool we decided to just use what it came with and after we learned a few things, we would upgrade for the following year. So far the first item will be the pump/filter. I was looking at the Intex 3000gph model, but I am starting to...
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    2021 Planning

    Ok, so put the pool to sleep and now want to plan for next summer. On top of upgrading the intakes to 1.5" and hard piping, I want to upgrade the filter. I was looking at the Intex 3000gph system, but starting to question if I want to move to something like a Hayward? Pool is not huge so I...
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    Intex Closing (pictures)

    Well first summer is now behind us and it was time to close. Being in New England and wanting to keep the pool up vs disassembly, I thought I would post a few pictures of my current setup and its closing. I think I am just going to shrink wrap the entire pool seeing as I have more of that...
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    Winterizing Above Ground Pool with Hard piped plumbing

    Like the drains in your house, I put in clean outs, to facilitate draining.
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    Cost of Intex Ultraframe 16x32

    Call me excessive, but we hose the entire pool down every weekend. I also backwash and rinse every 2 weeks. I clean the SWG plates with muriatic acid every 4 weeks.
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    To drain or not to drain....winterizing an Intex Ultra Frame XTR

    Unscrew the strainer from the inlet (might have 2 screws holding this in place). Loosen the hose clamp on the back of the 1.25" hose just enough to allow the intake assembly the ability to move (do not remove hose or clamp yet). Carefully wiggle the plastic intake assembly out of the liners...