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    Water sample collection

    I just use a turkey baster. Walk to the deep end and dip it down to the bulb. Easy. Best to sample from the same area each time for consistent test results.
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    interviewing liner replacement people

    I think so. When I bought the house it was found out the liner was 23 years old, but they couldn't find any serial number nor who made it. So a custom measure was my only option. Of course now with the new one they know my dimensions for next time.
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    interviewing liner replacement people

    There is likely a serial number printed on the backside of the old liner on the shallow side. That would save 800 ish (in my region) not needing it custom measured. Mine was installed on the last hot day of October. 75 degree day...lucked out on that!
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    Difficult to get to broken rusted screws for Skimmer / Weir Door

    It was so long ago I'm not sure exact url, but ya spring loaded tension mounts. This one looks like the one I got. Find one that fits yours and should work well...
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    Difficult to get to broken rusted screws for Skimmer / Weir Door

    My weir was missing. Didn't see any mounting points. If you measure the size you can find a replacement on Amazon. The one I got had spring tension rubber nubs on either side to hold it in place. No worry about screws then.
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    Checking on new Heater placement

    That window seems too close. Concur
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    Remove skimmer basket below the rim?

    Oh darn..I know that too. My sister always steps on the cover. I'd turn off the pump breaker for safety, then put maybe a kitchen towel down to the bottom to prevent fragments down the pipe inlet, then grab the basket and with other hand use plyers to bust up the rim so you can pull it out.
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    Why would pool be growing algae if my numbers are correct?

    Brushing daily during a slam, better yet twice daily, is super important to the process. You have to break the biofilm so the chlorine can get to it. It's not any kind of fun, but very necessary.
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    Infinity edge trough is dirty from racoons drinking the water! Help!

    Maybe some chicken wire put up to keep them out?
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    Wall drain

    Pretty sure all new construction requires dual drains for safety, if you add a main drain.
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    Featured Still confused on how to open the pool up

    Before you drain down with 2ft water left in shallow end, it would be best to know if it's vinyl or not. Some installations can get stressed on the walls. I know I can drain mine down because I have a concrete shell vinyl lined pool. And the water table is 2 feet below the 7ft deep end. But for...
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    Featured Still confused on how to open the pool up

    Any concern about the water table with draining this pool down? I would only drain until there is 2ft of water on the shallow side. Just wanted to be sure they are aware...being a new pool owner. And this is plaster, not vinyl lined...right?
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    Inground Pool Deck - What is this?

    Interesting. Removed auto cover is the first thing that comes to mind.
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    How (or can I even), clean this "stain" on my liner....what is it? Pictures inside..

    I have this as well. You likely have some iron in your water causing that.
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    Where to find 6 to 7 foot round solar cover?

    Price seems about right for these.