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    1 year old vinyl liner loose

    haha Kim. I'm tempted to buy more and stuff them in, but it's been holding everything steady well for 3 years. I will say though, it was custom measured and a tight fit in the shallow end. so tight it stretched the fake tile pattern down about an that section, it is SOLID liner lock...
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    1 year old vinyl liner loose

    Is there a locking mechanism? Mine is a T-track type. They stuffed the edges in, then about every other foot is a foot long piece of plastic with barbs that gets pushed in to secure it. Every spring when the water is heated up, I go around and push on them. Most of them are fine, some of them...
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    Clear Water - How I Ballance my Chemistry

    That's great. "Shocking" is not needed at all if you maintain proper cya to FC levels.
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    Letting people use your personal pool when you are not home?

    My sister in-law once "invited herself" and a friend over, but she at least asked me before coming over. If I was gone the answer would have been no. But I was home that day so I allowed it. Nobody swims in my pool if I'm not home, PERIOD.
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    Need advice about glass.

    I had glass in the sand filter of the first home I bought. I have sand in the sand filter of my current home. Both seem to do the job of filtering just fine. I had to slam the pool once with the glass in the filter. It would clear up a full cloudy 20,000 gallon pool (from brushing) within...
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    New pool Build in Arizona! Started today! Pics included!

    THERE'S me lucky charms!! Never seen that shade before! Seems like that with blu ish water would result in Caribbean blue.
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    Rocks under liner

    It would be highly unlikely to burst through like that. You would have to agitate the heck out of it first. I definitely understand this would be very annoying to walk on though. I know some people here have patched there pool floors before, but none of them cut the liner that I'm aware of...
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    Hot Pool Water

    I've seen posts where people made some pvc fountain contraptions to pump the water through and cool it down. I'd be doing that if my water was that warm and solar installation is not an option. On a really hot day, I will swim in a pool as low as 78 degrees, but prefer 85. For me there is no...
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    New liner bleaching around main drain

    In some setups, the skimmer has two holes at the bottom. one goes to the main drain, the other is the pump then a mechanism where you can open or close the main drain. It's never a good idea to put pucks in the skimmer. WAY more so with vinyl. When the pump is off, a high concentration of FC...
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    Rocks under liner

    I have 1 pebble I found protruding up in the liner, but it's in the deep end. If I were in your situation, I would get the patch and the glue, but not do anything about it unless it becomes a problem. Cutting and patching when it isn't leaking seems like a bad idea imo.
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    New liner bleaching around main drain

    It can still fade a liner if the cya is not high enough to buffer the chlorine. How high FC did you go? What was your cya level? Did you test yourself or did the pool store?
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    Damaged Vinyl Liner

    Has your liner ever floated up from ground water in those areas?
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    Hairnets for skimmers

    LOL on the description: "Perfect for Pool skimmers" I don't recall seeing that last time I looked! I've been using 1 gallon paint strainers from home depot. Rinse out and re-use. They cost more but I might switch to hairnets as they cost less...
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    Damaged Vinyl Liner

    doh! that was the other cause....low ph. Good one James!
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    Damaged Vinyl Liner

    Could be. I can't tell in the picture, but is the white areas just sunlight doing that? With no sun, is the liner all blue? If shock was left on the floor to cause that I would expect the blue to be washed away too and more of a white color. It could be maybe ground water came up at one...