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    New pool liner bottom FADING- AGP

    Wow that was a good guess - I used my Talor kit to check CYA today and its 38/39... first reading of 35 was from the pool store. So has any one gotten to the bottom of why the bottoms of the liners fade? Upon closer inspection of the quoted thread above it appears the original poster and I...
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    New pool liner bottom FADING- AGP

    It was at zero when i started and then i got it around 35 after the initial treatment and then i added a bit more.. But recently i noticed it was down a bit from the test strips and added a bit more today.. Id have to guess somewhere around 40ish based on what i have put in and factoring in...
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    New pool liner bottom FADING- AGP

    Hi all. I put up a new pool this spring and have thoroughly been enjoying it with my kids for almost 2 months now. Just today after the sunset i was swimming around in my now heated pool I might add and while submerged under water noticed a difference in contrast between the bottom of the pool...
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    NEW AGP Build Toronto CANADA

    I got a lot of extremely useful information from this forum which allowed me to make informed decisions..
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    Advice for AGP site prep

    Looking at your picture it looks as though there is a small puddle in the middle... That will be filled in with the sand just before the installers erect the pool. The perimeter of the pool is the important part to have level. A foot inside and outside of the perimeter of where the wall will...
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    NEW AGP Build Toronto CANADA

    I am starting this thread with the hope that it may help others. This is my install for a new Aqualeader 13ft X 20ft X 54 inch, Oval Above Ground Pool with an Aluminum Wall and resin components and a Beaded liner. I do live in the Toronto area (Canada) just north of Niagara Falls for those who...
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