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    Pentair: I’m going to call a “Lemon Alert” on the 3HP VSF pump.

    Leslie's...ugh. I had a long exchange with them when a Jacuzzi brand VS pool pump failed under warranty. I had problems with being told, "We'll call you" and months go by. To get any kind of response, what worked for me was to send an email to corporate via the online contact form outlining...
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    Maintaining someone else's pool

    Did a series of tests last night and found there was no chlorine and CYA. I had purchased 2 gallons of liquid CYA for this pool last year because I knew I wouldn't be able to have her do the sock method. I added a gallon last night and a gallon of 10% FC. Will probably add the other gallon of...
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    Maintaining someone else's pool

    Pool in question: 20k gallons, in-ground, plaster, DE filter, Jacuzzi VS pump, spa. I've taken over my brother's pool after he passed away last year. At the time, the pump had been inoperative for a while and the pool was a swamp with a lot of tree debris, algae and bugs. I had a company...
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    Maytronics Rebates 2019

    This year's rebates just posted. Rebates and Promotions - Maytronics
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    Pool sweep sweephose

    Aiming up as in spraying water out of the pool? If so, I highly recommend buying the Tailsweep Pro attachment. After installing it on my cleaner, it rarely sprays water. I see there is also a copycat version on Amazon. Polaris also has a weight which is supposed to help, but it didn't work...
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    Telescoping pole and brush diameters

    I think it's normal. The pole I'm using is about 1/8" diameter larger than my brush and net. Because of this loose fit, the holes usually get enlarged after a while to where I will cut an inch off and drill new holes.
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    In search of Filter Bag with Pentair Snaplock opening for a Polaris 280

    Re: In search of Filter Bag with Snaplock opening for Polaris 280 This might be a good project for someone with a 3D printer. Just in case you weren't aware, Polaris also makes a bag which has a velcro opening (Model K16).
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    Cleaning my bro's pool

    Thanks for the help and thoughts guys. Yes...I meant FC, not CH. There is a waste port and I found a flat hose which my brother used to pump out to the storm drain. I know that's not right, so I'll have to extend the hose to the sewer cleanout location in the front yard. My SIL said my...
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    Cleaning my bro's pool

    Hi folks. I've been following the TFP method for the last 11 years since my pool was built. I have the TF-100 test kit and familiar with the different chemical levels. This message is concerning my brother's swamp of a pool. When he was having pool issues a few years ago, I suggested that he...
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    Bad Temp Sensor?

    Thanks. I'll check out other sources for a sensor.
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    Bad Temp Sensor?

    I was investigating why my solar heat wasn't turning on. Going through the diagnostic menu on my Aqua Logic controller, the water temp was reading 113F. Safe to assume the temp sensor is bad? Looks like the correct part may be GLX-PC-12-KIT; can anyone confirm? The listing on Amazon says...
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    Quality Pool Poles? Average life expectancy?

    I'm still using my cheapo 10 year old pole. When the holes became too banged up last year, I cut off a few inches and drilled new holes.
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    Polaris 360 keeps going on its side

    In the manual, if also suggests to remove the head float and shake it to check for water. If there is water, replace the head float. The head float is the white orb attached to the rear of the cleaner body. It also suggests to make sure the hose floats are spaced evenly.
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    Replacing cartridges

    Not much help, but I have a different System 3 filter and there is a label on the lid which lists the two filters and model numbers. I found that there were no aftermarket sources, so I ordered a set of Sta-Rite branded cartridges on eBay. There is also an alternative retro-fit system. I...
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    Polaris wheel fell off

    Download the owner's manual and look at the parts diagram. You probably need a new axle. They break. They're inexpensive. Owners Manuals | Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc.