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    Need Help with Sense and Dispense Timeout

    I tested the water yesterday and the free chlorine level was 9ppm. The ORP showed 625 and it was in alarm. The alarm was "Sanitizer Time Out" I cleaned the probe and the salt cell last week. I do not store the probes in the winter. The pool is in service all year. I believe the probe is...
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    Need Help with Sense and Dispense Timeout

    Have you taken the probe out and cleaned it? Salty No, That will probably be the next thing I try. I will also check the salt cell.
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    Need Help with Sense and Dispense Timeout

    Last spring I installed the Aquarite Pro with Sense and Dispense and it worked great all year. This spring I am having a problem with Sanitizer Timeout alarm. I will reset the alarm and in a few days it will go back into alarm. Even though it is in alarm the ORP is always between 655mv and...
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    Pentair Clean and Clear Filter HELP!!!!!

    Does anyone know how to replace the inner core in the Pentair Clean and Clear Filter housing? I have the CC200 and I broke the core trying to remove the filter. I can't figure out how to get the old one out to replace it. I can't find any screws so it must be a twist lock system but I tried...
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    Frozen water around pump from cycling between pool to spa

    I have the same issue on my pump and also on my filter o-ring. Mine will only leak when the temperature gets down in the low 20's. I think it is caused by o-ring shrinking or the o-ring hardening caused by the cold. I just let it leak and when it warms up it melts.
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    Anybody have any experience with Electric Shock Sensors for pools

    "domct203" I believe the investigation concluded that someone had previously worked on the pump and did not reattach the bonding wire. I think they also found some other electrical problems as well. It was sad that this young girl lost her life. The local government enacted a new rule that...
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    Anybody have any experience with Electric Shock Sensors for pools

    "Bama Rambler" I agree with you that the bonding system is number one but I also believe that you can't be to safe and the alarm would be good as a secondary system if it is reliable. I do not know of anyone that has the alarm but for me it would need to work 100% of the time and it should be...
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    Anybody have any experience with Electric Shock Sensors for pools

    Recently a lifeguard at a public pool was electrocuted when she put her hand on the metal ladder. She had just arrived at the pool in the morning to open the pool and she was all alone. It was found out that the pool pump had failed and water got in the motor and there were some problems with...
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    Not Sure What To Think. Totally Confused About What Chemistry

    I just replaced my Aquarite system with a new Aquarite Pro with Sense and Dispense with acid feed and the installer was trying to tell me how I needed to keep the chemistry for the system to work correctly. Well I am totally confused now. He told me that I need to keep the PH at 7.4 and the...
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    Water Flowing Back Into Pool When Pump Turned Off

    When you replaced your filter and pump did you remove a check valve? Can you post a picture of the current setup? I have a check valve in the suction line so it can't drain back when the pump shuts off.
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    Muriatic Acid Vs "Green" Muriatic Acid

    mknauss Thanks for the reply. The "Green" bottle did not list the concentration but I thought it must be diluted because it is taking much more to bring down the PH.
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    Muriatic Acid Vs "Green" Muriatic Acid

    I went to Lowes's to buy Muriatic Acid and they sell both "Green" and regular Muriatic Acid. They were out of the regular which is all that I have been using so I bought some of the "Green" and used it in my pool. What is the difference and which one is better for a pool. I like the low fume...