Asking For Help - Further Reading

Asking for Help

When starting a thread asking for help with a specific issue please include the following in your initial post:

Test Results! Test Results! Test Results!

Even questions about pool surfaces, stains, and equipment often lead back to understanding your water chemistry.

There is nothing more important than current valid test results. Here's what we need:

  • FC - Free Chlorine
  • CC - Combined Chlorine
  • pH -
  • TA - Total Alkalinity
  • CH - Calcium Hardness
  • CYA - Cyanuric Acid (stabilizer/conditioner)
  • Water Temperature

Only the better Pool Test Kits have all of these tests and please read ABC’s of Pool Water Chemistry to understand why we need this information.

If you cannot post these results - do not ignore that fact. Tell us you cannot post test numbers. If you can post only some, tell us you cannot post the others or we'll ask if you forgot.

If you are posting pool store tests tell us so. Don’t mix pool store tests with your test results.

You can also log your test results in Pool Math and share your Pool Math logs on the Forum.

Nothing will help us solve your water chemistry issues quicker than current test results.

Please tell us how your water looks. Is it crystal clear, cloudy, green? Just give us a description. Also, tell us how long it has looked like that - has it been green for 2 days or nine years? makes a difference in the advice we give on getting it cleaned up.

To review, add your information to your signature so it always shows up. Post your current water condition and those ever important test results! Failure to do so will only delay a response and hamper our ability to give effective, accurate advice.