Will crushed run corrode pool walls?


Jul 10, 2019
Nashville, TN
We are installing a semi-inground pool dug all the way in ground on clay soil. Based on may threads on TFP, we were considering using geotextile with a 1-2" layer of crushed run on top of clay underneath the whole pool to level and stabilize it. Today, I read a thread mentioning that they put crushed stone (which is limestone) as landscaping around the pool and it corroded very fast.

Our pool walls are made of coated steel and uprights are anodized aluminum. Would using crushed run under the pool corrode the walls?

The installation manual calls for backfilling with 3/4" gravel, which is also made of limestone. The installation instructions do say to wrap the pool walls with a layer of tar paper outside prior to backfilling it. I'm guessing that's to protect it from scratches from gravel. But if there is a problem with lime leaching out of gravel, how could everybody be backfilling with it if it corrodes steel and aluminum? I think I'm not reading this correctly.


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Jul 3, 2013
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I have an intex pool with metal legs and 4 inches of crusher run, nothing at all has happened to them.. I have not heard of crusher run doing anything to pools as that is the best option for compacting and raising level under the pool.. :)
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