Will a robot really solve my suction cleaner problem?


Aug 23, 2020
South Florida
Hi thanks for reading.
Yes I've seen the various other threads related to this topic.
I've had a Pentair Great White suction cleaner for 10 years that has been killing me slowly for the past 4 years. It sits in the deep end all day, barely moves, and never goes up the walls or into the shallow end.
The suction is great! I have the Pentair suction test device. It is right at the maximum.
I don't have a vacuum port only a skimmer port which the cleaner lives in. Hence I am only skimming with my net. Not an ordeal because I have a screen. The flapper and the housing are definitely showing signs of wear but the LPStold me that's fine... The gears are great and it spins. The skirt is new.

ANYWAY BORING STUFF OVER, I have been spending the most recent weeks of my life trying to make sense of all the online marketing about robotic pool cleaners. Because I would like one. But it is impossible to figure out which one to get, and everything is sponsored by Amazon.

So I'm looking at the mid-range option of Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus, don't need remote control,and would welcome some input. Because some reviews on Amazon are terrible!

Thank you!!


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May 3, 2014
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I suggest looking at the Maytronics S200/Active 20. Basic, efficient, effective.
Contact Marina Pool Spa in Denver Co tomorrow. They only take orders over the phone. That maintains the best warranty.
I suggest you read ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry.


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Aug 19, 2013
Ditto. I get sucked in pretty easily by bells and whistles, but in this case what you want is a simple no-frills vacuum that reliably cleans your pool. The S200 does that.


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Jul 7, 2014
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For you, the best benefit would be that you would get the use of your skimmer back. I can't see how you can live without a skimmer.. :scratch:


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Oct 5, 2007
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I have a Great White, and recently purchased an Active 30i. You can make the Great White work, but requires replacing many parts. Got tired of that and went with a robot. Couldn't be happier. Anyone wants a Great White?


Aug 23, 2020
South Florida
So the LPS quotes $1200 for the Active20, yet I can see online the Nautilus CC+ for $849 (including caddy which retails at $135). Surely there is no contest here and the Nautilus wins?