Why does my PH continue to rise, even with TA in the "proper range"?


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May 29, 2017
Worcester, MA
Hi folks:

Have a 32,000 gallon Gunite pool. Old pool, but new owner. This was my first season. We added the SWG this spring. This site has been a wealth of knowledge.

Overall, I was able to get my pool in range for most of the summer. My TA started out a bit high (110-120), but by end of the summer it was 60 and I actually had to add baking soda.

I tested PH weekly, but probably should have done so more. It seems like I was pouring in 8 cups of Muriatic Acid per week as PH would be 7.8-8.2 and I wanted to bring it back down to 7.2

This happened all the time, even once my TA got into the desireable range.

Any thoughts as to why I still had to fight with PH all summer?


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Oct 2, 2013
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What is your water source? My well water has a pH of about 8.0. How are you testing pH? Some pools just like a higher pH...I wouldn't fight it all summer to get to 7.2...I'd rather enjoy watching my kiddos play in the pool instead of battle a pH of 7.8. Less fight, more fun. In the end though, it's best to not go over 7.8, and try not go below 7.2. For some pool members, it's just easier to say, "Stay in the mid-7s" . As long as your pool and water are happy at one of the recommended pH range numbers, you should be fine. Hope that helps.


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Aug 20, 2013
Allen, TX
Took me a while, but I learned that my ph will consistently stay right about 7.4 when I keep TA between 50 and 60. The ph only goes up a bit after about 2 gal of bleach have been added over a week or so. I only have to add MA once every couple of weeks- or if my CYA is below 50, I use a couple of tabs in the feeder because it will add some chlorine and lower the ph just a bit like I need. Let the TA fall a bit and I bet you will find your where your ph settles down.


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Jul 7, 2014
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Most saltwater pools like their pH at about 7.8. Knocking it down to 7.2 will use a lot more acid and it will not stay there very long. In my case, the pool will often stay at 7.8 for a week or more, but only stay at 7.2 for a Nano-second... :p

A TA of 60 is fine... I would not bring it up unless it got below 50.

Do you have any water features, such as bubblers, waterfalls, or spa spill overs? Aeration will cause your pH to increase.


Jim R.