Which type of automatic cleaner for Intex + never-ending leaves?


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Jul 29, 2020
Hi all, thank you for this wonderful community. I've spent many hours sifting through the invaluable information in these forums, and this is my first post.

We recently got an Intex 15 foot above ground pool, and are hoping to eventually upgrade to a 16x32 above ground. Our backyard is heavily, heavily treed, so the leaves are endless. Using one of those garden hose powered vacuums takes me an hour to clean the pool, and I'd really like to switch to something automatic.

I considered the Dolphin Nautilus, but am balking at the price (especially for an Intex pool) and am scared off by reviews that talk of it failing after a few months. I know the S200 is much loved here, and is around $700 at Marina Pool, but again, it seems like it may be overkill. But I am having difficulty finding any other alternative that would collect both finer sediment and large leaves automatically (not manually) that would be compatible with our 15 foot intex (and hopefully with the 16x32 if we ever upgraded).

I wondered if any of you had suggestions for this situation? Thank you in advance!


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Jun 16, 2019
Hey Sophie and Welcome !! Kim must be busy on another call at the moment so here is her thread.
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