when do i put the coping strips and top rail on?


May 30, 2010
at what point do i put the coping strips and top rails on? we have already got about 1.5 feet of water in it and i dont feel comfortable going to bed while it fills without the top end of the pool put together. (is it safe to fill after the sun goes down, its gonna get down to about 60 tonight) . Also, when do we install the skimmer and return?


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Apr 8, 2007
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I'm guessing you have an overlap liner? With a round pool the pressure goes iutward equally on the sides so shouldn't collapse a wall. Once the water is at about 8-10" below the skimmer/return you should be fairly confident the liner isn't going to move anymore so can put the coping strips and rails on and cut skimmer and return holes. Some do it all at much less water but I guess its how we proceeded the last 3 times and had no issues with the liner stretching more at that point. I always shut my fill water off when I went to bed to avoid unexpected issues. While sleeping

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