What does your pool paradise look like?


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Jul 21, 2014
I don’t want to post my pool yet.
We just moved & pool is racked.
Dropped verm about 50 of pool floor, sub par equipment (it’s brown not the almond colored good stuff) dead light, shot heat exchanger, returning DE - yada yada..

I had my suspicions & thank goodness for a big fat escrow!!

But at end of the day, the poetic justice is hilarious.. (like the time we went to st Thomas & pool was closed for repair!!)


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Jul 29, 2017
Franklin, MA
If i had to guess id say it was stamped... could be wrong tho.
either way its gorgeous.. I wish i had that much area to do something similar..
Negative, it is techobloc blu60.

Granite steps down to the fire pit which is the same pavers, not sure on the wall but it ties in nicely on color.


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Oct 16, 2016
Little Rock AR
I did a little landscaping last year. I've added even more plants this year mexican petunia, two more palms and some red bushes of some form. There are more banana trees, iris, and elephant ears than I can count. If the sun is out and the water is at least 76 I am in... The wife not so much..


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Oct 16, 2016
Little Rock AR
thats gorgeous... I wish I could have tropical plants :( i live in a northern climate tho
We are sub tropical so in winter it looks like Crud. Starting to add evergreen plants with a tropical feel like Windmill palms. I've also seen pines in the bahamas so I will be adding some of those as well. .


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May 11, 2019
Olive Branch, MS
Took some photos today - first ones this year (pool was finished last fall - just had a few times to swim so this is our first "real" year enjoying it. We just finished repainting the trim/fascia/soffits/gutters/doors etc. on our home to get a more gray theme and downplay the yellow/creme we had previously. Matches the pool oasis/retaining wall stones much better. Who doesn't redo their house to match their pool colors? lol

The pool has a huge Baja Shelf, which is great for our grandson who will be one in a few weeks. We added 2 fire features with water falls at the pool side. We created a long large fire feature along the retaining wall next to the mobility ramp we put in for the senior rescue dogs and any human needs. We use the ramp so .much more than expected.

Last photo is our former back yard with what I called the "stupid porch" = a 3 foot wide porch that we could easily fall off if multiple people were on it going in and out. Thankful it is now "fixed".

Our back yard sloped and we spent extra money to make sure the pool was low enough we had privacy from our neighbors, hence the retaining walls, etc. We regraded the backyard to ensure water drainage that did not leave soggy areas, which is great for dog toileting in bad weather.