What do you make of these numbers


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Apr 12, 2018
Indianapolis, IN
I’m considering just going for it and opening my pool tomorrow. First timer.... I spent the day getting ready and cleaning. My TF-100 has not arrived so tested via pool store just to get an idea.

Sampe was room temp

FC 5.19
TC 5.19
CC 0
ph 8
hardness 171
alkalinity 0
CYA over 160
copper over 7.3
iron 0.2
phosphate over 3143

CYA does not surprise me as previous owner used pucks all the time and did not test. Copper not sure we have a Natue 2 filter and I know it does something with copper to reduce algae. Or maybe they used algicide a lot.

One thing to to note at the time of this test the pool was not circulating and is still closed from the winter.

If if I can figure out where the 2nd plug goes on the Reem furnace I’m going to open myself tomorrow.

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I don't recall ever seeing a copper reading that high. If that's true, it's a sure bet you'll be exchanging most of your water which will resolve your suspected high CYA as well. If I were you, I would take another sample to the store just to make sure that wasn't a testing error .... like the pool store EVER does that. Bwaaahaaaha! But seriously, if your 2nd or 3rd store test shows a copper reading that high (try two places if you can), or even close to 0.5, a major water exchange would be in your best interest. Also make sure to inspect your heater. If it's a copper coil, erosion could be the reason why, so replacing that heater might also be the prescription to eliminate copper - besides just the old Nature products.