Wedding Cake Steps


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May 17, 2020
I purchased wedding cake pool steps off Facebook marketplace and they were missing the flanges to connect it to a deck. New plastic flanges are $70 for 2, which is ridiculous. If you have wedding cake steps, how did you attach it to your deck of you did not have the flanges?


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Jul 10, 2012
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PVC!!! See if you can see what I am saying..........

Find a T that will fit around the upright (it will be bigger than the upright) then build from there to the deck with some straight pipe and elbows. Find a piece that will allow you to make a good end to screw into the deck.

Now comes the tricky part. IF you cannot take the upright out of the steps to slip the T onto and screw to the upright then you will have to cut that part in half and screw it to the upright.

I will look around as there was a pool that make something like this for their pool. It looked great!
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