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Mar 5, 2017
Got a pool and waterfall going in in southern AZ. The waterfall guy is putting Hycrete into his shotcrete and tells me that's all that is necessary for waterproofing (no pebbletek in the waterfall area). The pool guy tells me the pebbletec is the waterproofing layer in the pool. Just watched a pool going in on TV and they put some sort of coating over the shotcrete to "waterproof" it before the pebbletek. Am I missing a layer here?


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Aug 17, 2012
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At least with my water fall, they sprayed basic form with shot Crete over rebar. The waterfall guy then brushed on some type of waterproof coating, before forming the rest of rock surface with hand mixed type of cement mixture. No leaks so far. After reading about the Hycrete, it does seem like a good option to make a waterfall not leak. Besides, unless you are a millionaire or Rockstar, you probably won't be running the waterfall 24/7.

A friend of ours had pool built at the same time by a different builder. They had a grotto build with waterfall that came over the top. They had all kinds of trouble with leaks coming from the backside of the structure.
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