water keeps coming out of the filter drain pipe.


Jul 25, 2010
Today my wife and I were vacuuming the pool and the filter was set to vacuum to waste.

All went well and after the vacuuming I rinsed and set the filter back to filter.

I didn't really pay much attention as it was just normal routine.

Tonight I backwashed the filter and then rinsed.

After setting it back to filter my wife noticed the return flow wasn't what it used to be.

We investigated and found that water was still coming out of the drain pipe (the same pipe that water exits during backwash and rinse).

It isn't much more than a trickle, but it is coming out.

My wife insists this also occurred the last time we vacuumed to waste and eventually it stopped (after hours), but I don't remember that.

Is something wrong?


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Jun 12, 2009
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Depending on how old the filter I'd there could be a valve seat gasket that is damaged or not sitting right. Try turning the handle 360 with the pump off and then turn it back on sometimes that works. If not you'll need to open up the port valve to see what's going on

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Jun 22, 2009
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It's most likely the spider gasket. It's pretty easy to replace and most pool stores carry them in stock.

Since you didn't tell us anything about your equipment we can't get more specific than that.

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