Water balance question...


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Sep 9, 2016
Good day all!

Question - because I think I may have been doing this incorrectly all these years... is the water balancing. I always used Nitro's water balancing write up. I also use the bleach / dichlor method. So to my question... if you read the write up on how to balance the water, you test FC, PH, TA and CH. Starting numbers were this after first aeration and dosing tub to 5ppm with dichlor:
FC 5.0
PH 8.0+
TA 210
CH 190

So - I always calculated to get the number close to zero or slightly negative, which would tell me to shoot for:
FC 5.0
PH 7.6
TA 90
CH 190

But... if I follow Nitro's post, and it could be my interpretation, is you shoot for 70 and keep adding acid per the calculator, cutting the amount in half and then running a cycle with full air. Keep reducing TA until PH gets to 7.6.

So - this time I started with 70 as my number and started reducing. My issue is that during aeration, my PH will go to or over 8.0. It never drops down much below 7.8 and usually is at 8.0 with aeration during the cycle. But after the tub sits, like overnight, it'll drop to 7.2 - 7.6 range depending. I thought, but never tried it until now, is add acid and cycle until PH reaches 7.6 and then add your Borates to lock it all in. I just never seem to get my PH down with the jets running.

Here was Nitro's quick guide in his write-up:

So, let's get started. Here is the process.

1. Turn on all your jets and air features and keep them on the entire process. (i.e. Aerate)

2. Calculate how much you want to lower your TA, and how much acid you need to add to lower it.

3. Add to the tub HALF (not > 1 cup nor < 1 TBS) of the amount of the remaining acid you need to add.

4. Aerate for 30min, and check TA/pH.

5. If TA > Target and pH is > 7.8, goto step 2.

6. If TA > Target and pH is < 7.6, goto step 4 one time.

7. If TA > Target and you can't get pH > 7.8 via aeration, Target too low. Stop here.

8. If TA = Target and pH is > 7.8, Target too high. Lower Target TA and goto step 2.

What am I over thinking on this?