Walmart Pool Essentials - Stock Up?


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Jun 13, 2017
Rochester, MN
individual store managers have a lot of power over inventory. At my Lowe’s, no LC and none for the last 3 years. At the next nearest Lowe’s (60 or so miles away), they still have plenty in stock.

I use bleach for cleaning lots of stuff. Now the household stuff is 6%, I’ll likely use “pool shock” as my go to cleaning agent. I’m wondering who supplies janitorial companies in town to see what they carry.


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Jun 11, 2018
League City, Texas
Never thought about Pool Essentials not being available after summer. Here, they are on the pool aisle at Walmart year round. Interesting how that differs from other regions.


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Mar 23, 2017
Edmond, OK
Both Lowes and Home Depot carry liquid chlorine but the problem is, they stock it outdoors and don't seem to ever get rid of old inventory so you could effectively be buying chlorine from the previous season if you're not careful. Even here in Oklahoma where it's not uncommon to go for a dip in early October, finding liquid chlorine is a total pain in the butt. Walmart has gotten to the point where as soon as the 4th of July is over, they start shrinking their pool section and thus, eliminating my main source of the stuff (since they do keep it inside, I'll give them that). It's a total excercise in frustration and they're now sold out online as well.

What I've started doing the last 2 seasons is as soon as supply starts to dry up and I can't find it anymore within a reasonable time, I'll switch to the tablets for the remainder of the season which usually correlates to about mid August to mid October. My CYA has never gotten too high because of all the rain and partial drain offs I have to do during the fall and spring. I'll admit it too, it sure is easy to just throw those pucks in my rainbow, set the dial, and not worry about adding a bottle everyday.


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Apr 9, 2019
I am in North Houston and spent last weekend and this evening going to HD, WM and Lowes. none of them had LC. WM said they're done for the season stocking it. HD claimed to have several cases but when I arrived they couldn't find them. Lowes was out and didn't know when they would get more. I ended up with 6% bleach from WM. I now have two gallons left of 10% and three bottles of 6%.

As noted in several other threads the triple digits in Houston, no cloud cover and at least 8 hours of direct sunlight on my pool is rapidly eating up my FC. If I miss one day of checking the FC, I find that two days later, I'm having to add 1 gallon+ of LC to bring the level back up to 6/7. Then again the next day I need to add to keep it steady.

The water looks nice and clean but it feels like a jacuzzi. The water thermometer went from 90 to 102 in a week with the heat and direct sunlight. Evaporation is also occurring each week.

If anyone in North Houston finds LC 10% please post. Thanks.


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May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
It has been posted in the past about a bulk supplier in Spring. I do not recall the name. Prices were less than $2 per gallon for 12.5%. Do a search.


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Feb 20, 2019
Dallas, Tx
They just quoted me close to $6 per gallon. So much for pinching a penny.
Around here, the first time you buy from Pinch a Penny you pay for the 2.5 gallon refillable jug 'and' the first fill. That might be your higher cost ($6ish for the jug and $6ish for the fill. But then refills are only the refill cost only.