Vacuuming to waste


Dec 9, 2017
Kings mountain nc
My yard flooded into the pool. I have never used the manual vacuum before only my Dolphin, which I do t think would be good to put into this mess. . If I vacuum to waste do I move the lever by the pump to close the main drain? Does that put all the suction at the skimmer for the vacuum to work? Or do I leave that lever where it is in the middle between main drain and skimmer? Thank you for any help!



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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

If you plan to use the skimmer as the connection point for the vacuum, then I would start with the valve as is and once everything is running, I would slowly shut off the main drain.. My guess is that you will find that you cannot run just off the skimmer alone and you will need to leave the main drain open about 10 to 20%..

In theory, you should almost always run your main drain only open about 10%. This allows the skimmer to work better. In most cases, main drains are just not needed.


Jim R.