Vacuum for metal frame pool?


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Mar 21, 2017
Duncan, Oklhoma
Okay guys. I have a 6k gallon metal frame Coleman pool with a Intex sand filter. I'm currently waiting on my Taylor test kit to come in. Should hopefully be here Thursday! Anyway, I gave up on my pool last year when I couldn't keep it clean. Pretty much the entire bottom of the pool has leaves in it and the water is green. (I know, I'm kicking myself for not shutting it down properly last year). Been running the filter for over a week and fishing all the leaves out as well as I can with just a net. My skimmer that I hooked up to the filter has picked up a huge amount
of the leaves too. I'm to the point that I feel like the leaves are endless. Most of you know those crappy water hose vacuums don't work at all. I bought a flexible couplet and attached it to the pool strainer to hook my skimmer up, and it works great! But it doesn't have quite enough suction to hook up a hose and a vacuum head. So please, any ideas on what kind of vacuum I can buy or hook up to the pool?

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