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Jan 4, 2016
Hello - looking at upgrading to a Pentair Intelliflo 011028 pump (my motor is about to Crud out, I doubt it will make it through the summer). While I am doing this I am going to update some plumbing and size up my filter... My equipment pad is enclosed so trying to plan out if everything is going to fit.

I would like to upgrade my filter to something bigger as well. Thinking the Pentaire TR-100 with glass media but have only owned sand filters so don't know much on alternatives. Is this overkill? I know the footprint is much larger than what I have.

Also I read upgrading to a VSP can cause flow issues with a SWG (Circupool RJ-60) which I added a summer ago.. I don't want to spend that amount of money on a VSP and have to have it running full speed to register flow.

Opinions on the VSP and upgraded sand filter with glass media? Recommend other type of filter?

Anything else I should consider or look at before doing all this work?



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Jul 7, 2014
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I don't know what you are reading, but you need to change libraries... :)

Having an VSP is exactly the best thing to have if you have a SWCG.. Running slow is what you want to do... I run at 1200 RPM, most of the time, and my SWCG works perfectly. With a heater, you might have to run a little faster, like 1500 or so, but that is still very economical...

We always suggest sand... Glass just costs more and does not do any better job...

The P/N 011028 is an excellent pump and if you want, you can mount the control head on the wall.


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May 6, 2017
Hi Bhubb,
I was just in a similar situation except it was my 36 year old stainless steel filter that sprung a leak. I was researching the same exact IntelliFlo VSP and the filter dying accelerated my purchase plans. I ended up with the VSF version only because my local pool supply gave me a great deal, it has a 3 year warranty and I was only going to use the RPM feature anyway.

I have the RJ-30+ and can confirm that my flow switch has no issues at 1200 RPM. Last year when the SWG was installed we turned the cell upside down in anticipation of installing a VSP as this is recommended for low-flow applications. I did not test it at any speeds lower than 1200 RPM.
It was just installed this week but the SWG is happily generating away and we LOVE how quiet this pump is compared to the single speed we replaced.

Good luck with your upgrade!
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