Upgrade to IC40 from IC20?


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May 20, 2019
Thanking you beforehand for helping with our decision...
We have an 18,000 gallon fiberglass pool that was built in 2007 with a Pentair IC20 SWG. This season I have used the TFP website exclusively and our pool has (for the first time) been a joy (except for the metal stains which I will address at the end of the season.)
The past 2 days the free chlorine has been dropping and now the “check cell” is blinking. My husband cleaned it and it continues to blink. After trying to troubleshoot, we have decided to replace the cell (last replaced in 2015 prior to TFP we were running our cell around 60% 24/7 ☹). After reading through a few threads, it appears we need a bigger cell. Question:
- Is it as easy as just swapping out the IC40 for the IC20?

Thanks for the help.


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Jul 7, 2014
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Yep.. Just unplug the IC20 and install the IC40... The power centers are the same, so all you need to buy is the cell itself.


Jim R.