Underwater Table Repair


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May 9, 2017
Hello all - long-time reader, first time poster. We have a 2010-era pebbletec pool, with a built in table/seating area. We purchased the house last year, so there was about 6 years of unknown use by the former owners. The table itself has served as a standing place for pool cleaning, and from time to time as a jumping point. Unfortunately, we had a bigger guest give it a go, and the top of the table became loose. The base of the table is still firmly in place, but the table top jiggles with little effort. If you reach under the water, you can get some concrete (or epoxy?) parts that easily come off... How do I repair this? Obviously it won't be a jumping point anymore, but we'd prefer the table top be secure for future use, and to avoid any future injury to people or the pool itself (worried it might come off, sink to the bottom and damage the pool floor)...

The top of the tabletop is out of the water, but the connection to the base is under water.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Has anyone had a similar repair?