Transporting Test Kit via Plane


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May 13, 2017
Ontario, Canada
I would think that sending personal effects would qualify for exemption.

Even if you have to pay, is it a lot?
Hmm, not actually sure on how that works but I'll certainly give it a read.

I think in this case, I'll go with bringing it back with me on the plane and will report back on my (hopefully trouble-free!) experience.

Thanks all!


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Aug 22, 2017
West Palm Beach/Florida
I fly constantly and the only thing I have ever had confiscated was a lighter once when you were not allowed to check those. Put the stuff in zip lock bag and you will be safe. The cargo compartment is pressurized to 8000 feet which is lower than a bunch of ski resorts. The chance of anything leaking is very low and with the ziplock virtually zero. I like the idea of taping the receipt to package just to be sure.
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May 13, 2017
Ontario, Canada
Hey. Just to let you all know that the transportation was successful :)

  • I tightened all the lids on the bottles
  • I placed them into a ziplock bag, then another another and then into another (just in case, haha!)
  • I placed the various printed info we talked about inside the last bag and made sure it faced up (cover letter just stating what it was, and what was included, receipt, descriptions from TFTesKits, etc.)
Bag didn't appear to have been opened (no notice inside and everything was where I left it), and nothing had spilled.

So all in all, very successful! Thanks everyone.
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