Touch of it worth it?


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Dec 23, 2017
Corpus Christi, TX
We are doing Stonescapes midnight blue with a sand tanning ledge. Thinking about adding touch of glass to the tanning ledge only. Is it worth the cost? I want it to be nice and sparkly. Also, not wanting a ton if any of the blue glass. How does the touch of glass work as far as glass colors? I like the colors of the touch of glass with sand stonescapes in the NPT catalog- It doesn't appear to have any blue like in the Puerto Rico blend. Anyone know how this works? I want the tans, black, and brown glass. Also, for a 12 inch deep tanning ledge- how many bags to make it pop? Maybe I already asked this question in a round about way above...but...does each color of plaster/stonescapes have it's own recipe for the touch of glass or are all the bags of glass separate single colors that get mixed according to customer request? Or is it just the jewelscapes they use for touch of glass?


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Jan 19, 2015
las vegas
The glass comes in separate bags by color, the formula (name of pebble color) will say how many bags of each for a particular color. This applies to not only glass but the stone as well.


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Jan 7, 2018
Auburn, CA
Speaking with the NPT showroom rep, she mentioned their boss did both abalone and glass in his pool. He said the glass doesn't add much sparkle and if he were to do it again he would just do abalone. We're getting Tropics Blue Mini, which has some abalone in the recipe already, and we're going to add more and make sure our shelf and spa have it hand cast for maximum effect. As far as cost, the abalone is supposed to be inexpensive compared to glass. Still waiting on my builder to get back to me on the cost.