Total alkalinity levels. What is correct?


Aug 17, 2019
New York
Hi everyone. Opened my pool about three weeks ago and I have to say, following the information on the forum for closing it was spot on. My water was crystal clear on opening and didn't take much to get to SLAM levels. After filling with my well water my total alkalinity was high so I started the process of adding muriatic acid and aerating. The process has worked very well on lowering my TA but the recommended levels I'm seeing on pool math compared to my TF100 test kit don't match. I have it down to around 110 currently which is right in the middle of what my test kit says it should be at. Pool math says ideal levels are 60-80. What is correct? Where should I be? All other levels of chemicals are right on. I can keep going with this process but didn't want to if it wasn't necessary. Any input is very appreciated. Thank you.


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Jul 21, 2013
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TA does not matter for your vinyl pool without a SWG. PoolMath needs to know TA to calculate acid dose when adjusting pH.

TFT kits gives Taylor recommendations. If you are following TFP methods then follow TFP levels. But you can leave your TA wherever it is.


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May 3, 2014
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When it comes to TA, anything 50 ppm or above is fine for nearly all pools, including yours. A TA of 110 will just mean your pH will rise a bit quicker. If you are OK with that, no action needs to be taken. Keep testing TA every time you need to add acid to lower pH as the TA value is needed in Poolmath to determine how much acid to add.

The test kit data comes from Taylor. TFTestkits must state that as they use Taylor reagents.
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