Too much liquid chlorine and too little maintenance?


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Jul 4, 2021
Hello, Our condo has 12 apartments (in summer around 5 - 12 people use it daily, children/babies included)
I am concerned about the amount of maintenance and if really safe to swim in water ( bacteria etc).

Very general question:
One time a week maintenance :
a) Manually suction bottom of pool and side walls.
b) Add Chlorine - occasionally every odd months adds some tabs in pool skimmer
c) Test water - not always some weeks does not! Basic kit.

Pool: 38 000 approx (quite large). 45f L x 19f W x 6f deep

Pool is clear blue looking - example of past 4 visits - every Friday he comes
11th June - poured in jug of 6 gallons liquid chlorine and cleaned
18th June - quarter bucket crystal chlorine and cleaned
25th June poured in another jug 6 gallons liquid chlorine
2nd July T (7 days later) he added nothing just cleaned
9th July....will be next visit

Although pool looks clean I am concerned about bacteria - and the chlorine having evaporated as pool in sun all day.
Any thoughts appreciated. thank you

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Welcome to TFP! :wave: That is the sad reality of how some commercial pools/spas are managed. Certainly not sanitary or ideal. Once they understand how to manage their own pool, many people on our forum shutter at the though of using a public pool. Scary.

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