too low PH?


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Apr 26, 2020
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Hi all,

i was out for a while over christmas and my pool ph got a bit high while the ph got too low (the SWG shutdown due to cold water) .
I added liquid chlorine and got the FC to 6 which i'm happy with.
However, i was a bit braindead and added 0.5 gallons too much muriatic acid. My PH is 7.0 right now (i wanted it to land at 7.5ish).

As a result my CSI is -0.90
should i raise the PH or just try to aerate it out?

I have an automatic pool cover so to aerate it i would open the cover and run the pool + spa for a day or two (close the cover at night). I would not mind if TA goes down a bit further, my PH raised relatively quickly over the summer and i took the TA from 140-150 to 90 which seemed to help.

My numbers are:
FC 6.0
TA 90
CY 75
PH 7.0
CH 450
SALT 3000
CSI -0.90
Temp: 48F

thanks for your advise!
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