Tired of chasing numbers during rainy season..... check my numbers


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Aug 23, 2016
Southwest Florida
Today’s numbers FC 5
Ph 7.7-7.8
CC 0
TA 70
CH 325
Salt 2400
CYA 50 ( 2 days ago)
I’m adding liquid chlorine daily, and MA as needed. Plan to add salt, stabilizer and probably calcium after rains settle down. Just asking for confirmation and or advice. Thanks

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How does the water look? As long as it's crystal clear, your plan sounds good. If you suspect any cloudiness or excessive FC consumption from algae beginning to start, I'd do an Overnight Chlorine Loss Test first before increasing the CYA in case you have to do a SLAM Process. But that's about it. If you're clear, yes, increase the salt and CYA a bit and things should be steady.