Tiny pinhead sized black eggs?Larva bugs floating on pool


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Jul 6, 2018
Doylestown, PA
So i live in Bucks county PA and this year has been nuts with insects. Let me start off by saying our yard is wooded and recently had a real bad infestation of Red scale amphids on our tulip maples. recently there has been un godly swarms of gnats every night for 2 weeks. Now i recently noticed these small black dots/ovals all over the top of the pool water. After further inspection it is every where in the yard in the grass on the tables sides and top of pool. under further inspection it appears to be like a small beetle of some sort or amphid i am not sure. none the less i will NUKE my yard with insecticide to rid this plague. My question is that the eggs/bugs floating in pool are not being sucked down into filter does anyone know of any tricks? i heard 2 tsp dawn dish soap in 2 cups water and spray surface will break the tension and make them sink. i have been running filter for 24 hours and also added some floss but it appears they are not being sucked into filter.